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If you’re planning to charter or acquire a boat in the Mediterranean, you will require certification demonstrating that you are experienced and competent. Many of the Charter companies require an International Certificate of Competence which warrants that an examiner has assessed your skills and approved your experience.  Challenge Sailing School is a registered International Yacht Training facility.  At a minimum, you will need to have sailed 200 nautical miles and spent 10 days at sea (not overnight).  Prior to releasing a highly valued, unfamiliar boat to you, the Charter company would like to know that you have been trained in the competent use of a VHF radio and that you have a basic education in Coastal Navigation. The IYT ICC certification is issued after successful completion of both Basic Cruising and Intermediate Cruising.


The complete course cost is $849 + taxes. The $350 deposit secures your spot, with the balance due upon arrival for the course. This ensures that your place is reserved and all necessary preparations are made for an immersive and educational sailing experience.



You will be sent a detailed information package outlining specific if you are interested in obtaining the IYT ICC

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