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2024 Sailing Certification Courses

Unlock Your Sailing Potential with Challenge Sailing School's Certification Courses

Welcome to Challenge Sailing School's Sailing Certification Courses!

Are you looking for a future where you can take the helm of a beautiful sailboat, chartering with friends and family in the azure seas of the Mediterranean or Caribbean, or just gain more confidence on the water, sailing, docking and anchoring? Our sailing certification courses are designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to navigate the seas safely and confidently. Our experienced instructor, Dorothy Cunningham, has years of experience in offshore passages, racing, and teaching sailing, making her the perfect skipper to guide you on your sailing journey.


Our certification courses are accredited by Sail Canada, International Yacht Training and Canadian Power Squadron. They are designed to meet the highest standards in sailing education. Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from basic sailing techniques to advanced navigation and weather forecasting. Our hands-on approach to learning ensures that you will get plenty of time on the water, practicing and honing your skills.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced sailor, we have a certification course that's right for you. Our courses are designed to build your confidence, improve your skills, and give you the knowledge you need to sail safely and competently.

So, if you're ready to take your sailing skills to the next level, sign up for one of our sailing certification courses today! We can't wait to help you achieve your sailing goals and set sail on an adventure of a lifetime.

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