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Here's a polished version:

"Obtaining a VHF Radio Certificate (ROC-M) isn't just a legal obligation in Canada; it's a crucial step towards ensuring safety for all watercraft. The ROC-M certification is mandatory for the IYT ICC and Intermediate Sail Canada certification. However, Dorothy strongly advocates for all sailors to enroll in this 5-hour course (plus 1 hour for the exam). The course is divided into two parts: a 2.5-hour Zoom session and a 2.5-hour in-person or on-boat session.


Candidates have the flexibility to study at their own pace, with Dorothy available for support as needed. An oral exam assesses candidates' knowledge of the phonetic alphabet and proper VHF radio usage. While the VHF certificate remains valid for life, candidates with older certificates must retake the full course and recertify for a VHF with DSC endorsement to obtain the IYT ICC certification.


Cost: $175.00 + taxes


  • Maritime Radio Course manual, Zoom and in-class instruction, exam, review of exam, registration with Canadian Power Squadron / ISEDC, VHF with DSC endorsement card.

  • The VHF certificate is valid for life, however Candidates with older VHF certificates are required to retake the full course and recertify for a VHF with DSC endorsement should they want to achieve the IYT ICC certification

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